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Make Actionable Processes in Projects

Build, execute, and govern best practices and processes in real-time

First identify or establish the best practices for your organisation and then use PIEmatrix to centralise, integrate, drive, and manage the processes. As a platform, PIEmatrix centralises process steps on a hosted and secure database that can be accessed by all project stakeholders from anywhere. Easily implement best-practices, govern the progress with real-time reports, tie people with roles and responsibilities, facilitate team communication, define which vendor tools to use and how best to use them, and enhance deliverables management.

With PIEmatrix, project managers create each new project by selecting a "pie template" with your enterprise standard readyto- use content. This re-use approach reduces both time and risk, thus saving cost. Management can now be reassured that their portfolio of projects is being driven with proven methodologies and best practices.

PIEmatrix’s unique Enterprise 2.0 "pie" and "matrix" model makes user adoption fast and easy. Project stages can be seen as ‘slices’ of a pie. Such concepts and visualisations contribute to demystifying project management to enable all users to engage with project planning and management.

Pie slices are layered together to form standard templates. This component like approach enables re-use at a granular level to support real world standardisation benefits. Content experts and facilitators capture and refine the pie slice and templates that are used by project teams to run and report on project instances.

A one-click portfolio dashboard view provides progress and health in real-time. “Push” technology automatically updates the report every 30 seconds as team members execute tasks. Click on a specific project to drill down and see more detail. One extra click shows issue comments or milestone dates.