Zendesk Packages


Workflow Applications and Reports

A micro web application builder, a framework to design and implement forms based web applications

All aspects of the product - design, management, data ceation, and reporting are contained within the one web application.

  • Forms can be single or multi-paged, with in-page and/or cross page conditional branching.
  • Fine grained access control ensures that users can only see or perform what they are allowed to. No user license are required for form submission.
  • Notifications to support workflow on submitted forms.
  • Deep levels of integration with data sources, directory services, and other applications.
  • Customers/Responders interact with published forms designed with PerfectForms. The interaction can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like.
  • Workflow notifications can be sent and viewed in a dashboard to support long process transactions.
  • Data generated from forms can be viewed and analysed using mult-dimensional report, again designed with PerfectForms.

Build Surveys, Questionnaires, and Forms

Click to see larger imageProcess experts can easily create and maintain user form interfaces, using WYSIWYG, drag/drop, and property boxes - with pixel perfect layout, no HTML, web technical, or programming knowledge required. Runs in a browsers with Flash, under Mac, Windows, or Linux. Use versioning to evolve, test and roll-back you designs

Define Business Logic and Workflow

Click to see larger imageAdd sophisticated business logic like conditional branching, calculations, and validations, as well as a workflow state machine to completely define how your micro web application behaves.


Multi-dimensional Reporting

Click to see larger imageUsing an extended set of controls for different reporting types and data source selectors and filter, create rich data reporting applications.

Rendered reports are drill-able to enable multi-dimensional analysis and insight into your data.